Tryouts knock out Burgess with ankle injury


Roar file photo

An ankle injury will keep senior Nick Burgess on the sidelines for the opening of soccer season.

Senior Nick Burgess suffered a major setback when he sustained an ankle fracture during boys’ varsity soccer tryouts Monday afternoon.  The injury caused the tendon or ligament to pull off a piece of the bone.

“I was about to collide with someone when they were trying to tackle me,” Burgess said. “I jumped to get out of the way, and then I landed on the player’s foot and then ended up putting my entire body weight on my ankle as I was rolling over.”

Doctors told Burgess it could be anywhere from two weeks to two months before he would recover from the injury and be back on the pitch.

“The recovery time will be a little while, but that’s kind of how injuries go,” Burgess said. “It really depends on how the physical therapy goes.”

Burgess wasn’t the only player injured at tryouts. Sophomore Robbie Dujovne suffered a strain in one of the muscles in the hip flexor during tryouts.

“I think I just overused the muscle and was not stretching it like I should have been,” Dujovne said. “I’m only out for a week, so I’ll be back about playing with the boys soon.”

By Fallon Klenotich