The Roar

2020-2021 Staff

Sophia Bailly

Editor in chief

This is my second year on the "Roar" staff and my first year as editor in chief. I enjoy covering social and political issues, and hope to cover international affairs as a career. I am a member of the varsity cross country...

Laith Rukab

Managing Editor

Inspirer by day, jazz musician by night. This is my second year on staff and my first year as the managing editor for the 2020-2021 school year for the "Roar".  I enjoy writing reviews and covering stories that involve...

Gavin Litchfield

Sports Editor

I am a sophomore and a first-year staff member on the Roar.  I mostly write stories on sports news and events. I am on the varsity cross country and lacrosse team.  

Josh Dexter

Staff Writer

I'm a sophomore and this is my first year on the Roar. I like the outdoors and I love to fish and go mountain biking. I like writing stories on the conservation of Florida's waterways such as the Indian River Lagoon, the Mosquito...

Raven Morgan

Staff Writer

I’m a first year staff writer for the Roar. I’m on the dance team and I run track.

McKenna Slaughter

Staff Writer

I'm a sophomore and this is my first year on Roar staff. In my free time I play guitar cross stitch, and box. "All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us." -Ian McKellen, "The Fellowship of the...

Aytek Abdulla

Staff Writer

I am a first-year staff writer for the Roar magazine. Additionally, I co-run the Roar Instagram page. I love to write and hope to pursue journalism as a career in the future. I also enjoy listening to music, watching tv shows/movies,...

Chloe Osborn

Staff Writer

I’m a first-year, sophomore staff writer. I love discussing current events and issues and my favorite treasure in the world is my cat.

Sami Ramadan

Graphic Design Editor

This is my second year writing for the Roar. I am a senior with 5+ years of  Digital/Graphic Design experience and this is my first year as Graphic Design Editor. I enjoy covering investigative stories and opinion pieces o...

Violet Chace

Entertainment Editor

I am a junior and this is my first year on staff. I love reviewing movies and writing about other things I am passionate about. "I've seen the exorcist about a hundred and sixty-seven times, and it keeps getting funnier...

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