The Roar

Custodian shortage leads to poor conditions

Leighton Johnson, Staff writer

April 22, 2019

Scattered plastic bags, leftover bottles and half-eaten food. These are common objects found within a messy environment and the same could be said about the campus. Students have failed to throw away food waste after lunch and con...

Gun violence and security concerns among top stressors for Gen Z

Emily Lovelock, Staff writer

April 22, 2019

Junior Zack Shazad had just finished the last bites of his chicken sandwich and had begun loading his homework assignment into his backpack when the alarm sounded just before the end of Power Hour on March 1. What followed coul...

Keep college acceptance — and rejection — letters in perspective

April 22, 2019

Mid-December. Jan. 15th through the 30th. February, especially the 8th. On these days, dreams come true, tears are shed and hearts are crushed, as the anticipation continues to lurk through March and April, all leading up to a decis...

Middle-school dance: hurdles and hopes

April 22, 2019

As the middle school dance approached, members of the Middle School Student Government Association found their spirits growing continually more diminished. But despite their lowered expectations and the obstacles they faced, t...

Administration says to stay calm during fire drills

April 18, 2019

A fire alarm was activated between sixth and seventh period last week. The cause of the alarm was a worker in the mechanical room where the air handler was. A dust particle got into the fire alarm causing it to go off. Assistant...

Theater students rank high at States

April 7, 2019

During Spring break, the highest-ranking theater groups from the Districts competition performed at states. “It was great getting to see so many people that like the same thing,” sophomore Shannon Kay said. The competition...

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