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The University of Florida sent out its college acceptance notification Feb. 26.
Class of 2021 sends largest-ever number to UF
Olivia Thompson, Staff Writer • April 2, 2021

Recently it has come out that 44 West Shore senior have been accepted into the University of Florida. Compared to data from recent years, this is important for many including...

Tech's health effect
Sophia Bailly, Editor in chief • April 1, 2021

E-learning eighth-grader Ashvika Maddikonda spends at least eight hours on her computer, five days a week. Her online homework assignments add more screen time to her day-to-day...

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Kamala Harris made history as the first female vice president of the United States.
Don't give Harris credit - yet
McKenna Slaughter, Roar Staff Writer • March 24, 2021

After 49 vice presidents and 321 years, America has finally elected its first female, Black, and Asian vice president in Kamala Harris. Serving under Joe Biden, she is the...

'WandaVision' has Disney+ moving in the right direction
Violet Chace, Entertainment Editor • March 11, 2021

The ever-expanding Marvel franchise released its first Disney+ original “WandaVision" on Jan. 15. Disney will release one to two episodes each week until March 5. The budget...

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‘In the Dream House’ a gripping tale of identity, triumph
‘In the Dream House’ a gripping tale of identity, triumph
McKenna Slaughter, Staff Writer • April 6, 2021

“In The Dream House” is a deeply emotional experience that grips the reader from page one and refuses to let go until long after it is finished. Published in 2019 by fiction...

Lil Nas X back stage at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.
Lil Nas X stirs controversy with new song, video and shoe
Violet Chace, Entertainment Editor • April 5, 2021

Lil Nas X has released the hit song “Montero (Call me by Your Name)” along with a unique and attention-grabbing music video, featuring incredibility enhanced editing. ...

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Eighth-grader Bella Ruohomaki competes at the Vero Beach Equestrian Club Horse Show in October.
Horsing around
Sophia Bailly, Editor in chief • March 15, 2021

Eighth-grader Bella Ruohomaki saw horses galloping by her neighborhood when she was ten years old. Inspired by the horses’ riders, she convinced her parents to let her be...

Coach Derrick Hamilton coaches eighth-grader Ashvika Maddikonda during a warm up at the start of afterschool practice on Feb 16.
Dribbling into Spring
Keira Coleman, Staff Writer • March 15, 2021

Eighth-grader Cameron Coalter said she was upset when she heard the middle school basketball season would take place in the spring, for the first time in school history. “At...

Senior Danni Gelin poses during a photo shoot for Dance Sounds.
Dance Dreams
March 9, 2021
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