Wildcats sink Commodores in lacrosse

Boys’ lacrosse found the Eau Gallie High School Commodores “unimpressive” on Tuesday, dominating with a score of 10 goals to one.

“It was a combination of our impressive play, and Eau Gallie’s unimpressive play,” senior Jack Moore said. “We played really well, especially on defense, thanks primarily to Jake Dimond. In all honesty, however, the Commodores were just not very good. All of their shots on goal were more like passes than shots. The only score they had was comical, laying it awkwardly into the goal.”

Junior defenseman Jake Dimond contributed to Moore’s statement that the Wildcats’ defense was extremely effective throughout the match.

“Our defensive end really shocked Eau Gallie,” Dimond said. “The Commodores had a difficult time doing anything on our side of the field. I was upset about several impressive hits I had that were called as fouls by the referee, but, other than the couple of controversial foul calls, our defense was sharp and led the team to victory.”

The Wildcats’ offensive end  was also worth noting, with goals from Ryan Bellone, Ian Chan, Chris Melchiori, and Jack Nevans.

Boys’ lacrosse will face Satellite High School at home on Thursday, starting at 6:00.