Freshman Kline adds to family legacy

Sam Lack, Sports Editor

The hardest thing in all of sports is succeeding a legend. Just ask Ron Zook, who followed iconic University of Florida football coach Steve Spurrier, quarterback Brian Griese, who tried unsuccessfully to follow in his Hall of Fame father’s footsteps, or any of the 17 Miami Dolphins quarterbacks since Dan Marino.

The best thing in the world, however, is succeeding in succeeding.

And it’s even better when the legend you’re replacing shares your last name.

Freshman Lydia Kline has quite the legacy to live up to. Oldest brother David graduated West Shore in 2009 and led the school’s basketball team in scoring twice in his career. Her brother Adam, a senior, currently is captain of the boys’ varsity team as well as its second-leading scorer.

Lydia’s nicknames — Lady Kline, Little Kline and Baby Kline — all are extraordinarily difficult titles to live up to.

She’s doing it though, and loves every minute of it.

“[Adam] doesn’t overshadow me,” Lydia said. “I can beat him one-on-one”

She did mention, however, that Adam tends to play against her with only his non-dominant right hand.

Lydia has been playing basketball since the age of 6, and is currently a member of two basketball teams, West Shore’s and a travel team based out of Vero Beach, that at one point won more than 20 consecutive games.

Lydia leads the Lady Wildcats in scoring, steals, and 3-pointers made, shooting over 34 percent from the beyond the arc.

Her only real struggle is from the free-throw line where she shoots just 56 percent from the charity stripe. But while her struggles may seem unlikely, Adam shoots a mere 60 percent from the free-throw line this season, so perhaps it’s in the genes.

Lydia says she wants to continue to play Lady Wildcat basketball, and the prodigy is just getting started.

“It’s great that I get to play four more years like this,” Lydia said “It’s just fun.”

After high school, college basketball awaits her, and then maybe, just maybe, the WNBA.

“Of course I want to play college basketball,” Lydia said. “I’ll play anywhere that will let me play.”

She credits her dad for a lot of her inspiration, and says without him, it would’ve been hard to push through the five tough practices each week.

Adam says he’s thrilled to welcome another member to the family legacy.

“I think it’s fantastic,” he said, “that another member of the Kline member can spread her wings and fly in West Shore basketball, just fantastic.”

The Kline legend has lived at West Shore for well over eight years now, and thanks to Lydia, it’s only beginning.