Pipe down

Jessica Knowles, Staff Writer

School district workers repair a water pipe outside of building four Wednesday morning. “Yesterday after Power Hour, [substitute teacher Gabrielle] Powers noticed some water coming up, and when I went to look at it you could see this big water puddle so we called maintenance,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “They came out and sent the plumber, and there is a water main that feeds the bathrooms downstairs and upstairs in Building 4. It popped a hole, so they fixed the pipe today and when they fixed it another hole popped open so they are now replacing that pipe.” Halbuer said it could have been worse.”We were very fortunate that the water main only affects the bathrooms on the west end of building 4 and the drinking fountain there,” Halbuer said. “So it wasn’t the main big water main that comes into the school. It wasn’t that much of an impact.”