Junior girls powderpuff meeting

Aakilah Hernandez, Staff Writer

Held on Sept. 4, Mr. Krehbiel had a meeting to discuss information with the junior girls interested in powderpuff.

“I want to know when the practices are and how many practices we have to attend to play,” junior Fatima Jarrah said. “I want to know how we are going to organize it, because a lot of people want to play and last year it was really unorganized.”

The powderpuff game will Thursday, Sept. 24 at 5:30 p.m. and there will be no more than six practices leading up to the game. The practices will start on Monday, Sept. 14. The practices will start right after school and will most likely be an hour long.

“We basically have one week in addition to the week of powderpuff to deicide when we are going to fit in six practices,” John Krehbiel said. “A disadvantage is that seniors have already played the game before and I’m assuming that most junior girls have not played this before. But when we practice we will learn, and the more we learn the better we will play.”

During the first half of the game all the girls will be given a chance to play.

“In terms of playing my philosophy is that we are doing this to have fun,” Krehbiel said. “The objective is not win at all cost, it’s to make sure everyone has a good experience. The primary goal is to get out there and have a good time and put on a good game for all the fans that come out. Along those lines Landmesser, Riopelle, and I have agreed that the first half will be everybody plays. In order to do that the girls will be organized into groups of seven go out on the field and play a set and then a new group of seven girls will be rotated in.”

The second half will have who the coaches believe to be the strongest players to play on the field.  Requirements to play are that girls need to participate in at least three of the six practices and have to have their physicals completed.

“If the girls can’t make it to at least three practices then they can’t play,” Krebiel said. “I don’t want people on the field running around saying they dont know what to do. You actually learn what you are supposed to do at practice and when you learn it you will play well.”

By Aakilah Hernandez