Girls’ tennis defeats Melbourne High


Dean Stewart

Senior Erna Roth broke her racket during Tuesday’s match.

A new tennis racket for Erna Roth and an overall victory against the Lady Bulldogs at Melbourne High School were in order Tuesday night. In doubles, seniors Erna Roth and Kelly Johnston lost their match and juniors Katherine Avrakotos and Srimayi Tenali won theirs. As for singles, the team won four of five of its matches leading the girls’ team to victory.

“Even though tennis is a very individual sport, it felt really good winning as a team,” Avrakotos, said. “The hardest part is staying positive and remaining mentally strong during your match because the results are completely dependent on you for the most part.”

Even with a broken racket Roth managed to pull through the match. She bought the racket brand new prior but soon discovered it was defective when it cracked after hitting the ball a few times.

Roth said  the racket hadn’t even hit the ground but cracked as a result of one of her hits.

Avrakodos appeared relieved after the match.

“We were not only pleased but surprised because we never know what to expect coming into a match,” she said .

By Ann-Marie Lally