The Gift of Wisdom

Danielle Ferretti

I would like to use this space to give some knowledge from a wise senior to the younger grades. In this segment, I will explain how to buy presents for people when you’re broke. One really good way to buy cheap presents is to go for a funny present. They will probably never use it but at least it will make the person laugh and funny presents are cheap. I bought a singing hot potato once for only $3. Now, this does not work for every person that you probably have to buy gifts for. I have found that some family members, like my mom, do not really appreciate such gifts. In this case, the best thing to do is to make a gift. If you are artistic then you have it easy, but for the rest of us non-gifted folk, poems are something that most people can write or just a photo collage can do the trick. I’m fully aware that these two tips will not cover everyone you need presents for, so now comes the time that you must scavenge for loose change around your house, beg your parents for money, or actually do something to earn money. If all else fails, give those coupon things that say you will do something for the person. My sister used to do this to me but she put an expiration date on them for a month later, she’s smart and I would suggest doing this. I hope that with all this gained knowledge the holidays are a breeze.