Disposition for Position

Melek Turkmen

College. That’s the one word constantly raging at upperclassmen’s minds. So, during the last two years of high school, most students desperately try to join more clubs and presumably run for leadership positions. What I don’t understand is, why do some students try to run for president positions for more than one big club? In my opinion, I believe it’s fair only for someone to be president of one big club and maybe also have a lesser leadership position in another club. Let alone, I don’t see why some people try to have any sort of leadership positions in more than two clubs in the first place. When you’re running a club, your ideas and devotion should solely go towards that one club you worked hard to be in. And joining multiple clubs isn’t the problem either. I just don’t think it’s fair when I see that people who have already won a leadership position run against someone who does not have any. This case is different if there is no one running against you for a position or the person you’re running against has just as many qualifications and clubs as you. The point is, however unfair the world might be, we should be wanting our classmates to have as much success as ourselves.