Saving Senioritis

Nic Stelter

Seniors, this is to you. Several weeks ago we pitted several of our greatest classmates against one another for the intense voting of senior superlatives. All was well and dandy until someone in your class (probably one of the people who wanted to win) pointed out that the iconic category of “Senioritis” was left off the ballot.

In my own homeroom the emotions swept over everyone like wildfire. There was shock, fear, anger and every other range of negative emotion us humans can comprehend. So I gotta ask, what gives? Rumor has it some parents complained that the category made their perfect little honors student “look bad.” Well, news flash, they are 18! They are adults! If you find me a single winner of this superlative who was offended, then by all means disregard everything I’m saying, but until then, consenting adults should be able to make this decision for themselves.

If I was the winner of senioritis, you best believe that in 30 years I’d dust off that old yearbook, force my kids off their iPhone 12S’s, and say to them “this here was because your pop didn’t write his senior paper until the night before! It was lit!”

So what do we want? Senioritis! When do we want it? The night before it’s due!