Dear Senior Class Group Chat

Anna Wilder, Featured Writer

To the 880 spam messages, weird and sometimes offensive memes, overly-obsessed Rich the Kid lovers and stressed out class officers, our future is debatable. The chat has recently blown up due to pessimistic rock lovers, wannabe rappers, basic white girl pop fans and the random few that want Sedona. I personally feel victimized by some of the song suggestions. I mean come on, for this life I hope we do change @butterflyeffect. When we’re all up on that stage, eyes filled with tears and hats ready to be thrown, it’ll most likely be the last moment we all spend together. Yes, we all have that one or two (or maybe all) people that we despise, but for the most part, a majority of us would like to have one final memory together. Sure, picking a song that describes us is difficult, but I guarantee we can plug talk our way out of Rich the Kid, throw out the (although amazing) depressing symphonies and call it a night with getting rid of the theme songs too. Class of 2019, whether you end up loving or hating this song, let’s all cherish it. Because that three minutes will go by quick, and my dancing queens, you’re only young, sweet and 17 (more like 18) once.