The Roar

Cheating the system

April 22, 2019

The cheating epidemic at West Shore is worse than most teachers would think. The rate at which students are getting stealthier with their cheating is surpassing the rate at which teachers can catch onto the cheating, and it is due...

Give sports their due

April 22, 2019

I feel as though that our school and the West Shore community does not put enough energy and support into our sports teams as we should. I feel that academics are a very important part in our lives and that we should all take our ...

The Last Straw

Natasha Mozdzen

September 27, 2018

From the gorgeous visuals to the soothing sounds, our oceans please our senses in countless ways. They also provide us with great means of transportation, an impressive variety of ocean life and food sources and even...

Dear Senior Class Group Chat

Anna Wilder, Featured Writer

September 27, 2018

To the 880 spam messages, weird and sometimes offensive memes, overly-obsessed Rich the Kid lovers and stressed out class officers, our future is debatable. The chat has recently blown up due to pessimistic rock lovers,...

Gun restrictions won’t solve the people problem

May 15, 2018

Recently, there have been many calls for gun rights restriction. I am an avid supporter of the Second Amendment. My family owns many firearms and I have knowledge on each of them, so I believe that many opinions of anti gun politics...

Letter to the editor: America’s gun problem

March 6, 2018

In 2018 we have experienced yet another abhorrent shooting, this time stealing the lives of 17 innocent souls. However, this time [the FBI] saw it coming. They knew that this could happen. They knew it could get worse. Yet, e...

Letter to the editor: Cold cafe

March 6, 2018

I think the cafeteria is way too chilly. It is completely ridiculous that I have to bring a jacket just to eat my lunch.  It is preposterous that there aren’t enough seats outside, because the younger wildcats take them an...

The Gift of Wisdom

Danielle Ferretti

January 11, 2017

I would like to use this space to give some knowledge from a wise senior to the younger grades. In this segment, I will explain how to buy presents for people when you’re broke. One really good way to buy cheap presents is t...

Disposition for Position

Melek Turkmen

January 11, 2017

College. That’s the one word constantly raging at upperclassmen’s minds. So, during the last two years of high school, most students desperately try to join more clubs and presumably run for leadership positions. What I don’...

Saving Senioritis

Nic Stelter

January 11, 2017

Seniors, this is to you. Several weeks ago we pitted several of our greatest classmates against one another for the intense voting of senior superlatives. All was well and dandy until someone in your class (probably one of the pe...

Look beyond the stress moment

December 19, 2016

As we approach the time of midterms, I feel as though an immeasurable amount of fallacies has entered each one (or at the very least, most of) our individual minds. We all berate ourselves with feelings of inadequacy. Whatever...

Going vegan takes dedication, courage

Katelyn Kent

May 9, 2016

I’ve been vegetarian for six years and started eating vegan about eight months ago. However, I’ve only started considering myself truly vegan and referring to myself as so since the beginning of February. My hesitation wa...

Political Correctness Culture is Ruining All of Us

Marc Spurlock

May 6, 2016

 Political correctness is rubbish. There, I said it and if you have a problem with it, you can go to your “safe space” to cry about it. Day in and day out, citizens practicing their right to free speech are ostracized by so...

Dress code accusations uncalled for

Hana Bilicki

January 17, 2014

Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Yes, everyone has been at fault of passing judgement on someone’s appearance at some point, and although I can’t speak for everyone, I try not to judge...

Celebration cuts into exam review time

December 14, 2012

A school-wide celebration has been planned in response to West Shore being named a National Blue Ribbon School earlier in November. Normally this would be fine, but the celebration has been planned to take up 2 hours on Friday,...

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