Letter to the editor: America’s gun problem

In 2018 we have experienced yet another abhorrent shooting, this time stealing the lives of 17 innocent souls. However, this time [the FBI] saw it coming. They knew that this could happen. They knew it could get worse. Yet, every single level in the system failed. Parents, students, teachers, administration, the police, the FBI, the House, the Senate, even the executive branch; failed. And with each failure, the true problem became clear: We have a gun problem in America.

To be clear, I do not, in any way believe that the constitutional right of Americans citizens to bear arms in order to protect themselves or their families should be hindered, however, with that carries a certain level of responsibility. More specifically, we need more comprehensive background checks and eliminate gun show loopholes. Additionally, no civilian should be able to carry a semi automatic weapon of any sort. Such firearms are made with the intent to wound or kill as many people as possible within a short period of time. This is unnecessary for any American.

I believe that as a country we are able to develop a comprehensive system for gun laws. In order to do so everyone must admit to the issue, acknowledge it and take a look at it with tactful consideration. The rights of an individual to bear arms does not outweigh the rights of majority to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Despite the principle nature of gun rights, children do not deserve to die, parents don’t deserve to live in fear and families do not deserve to be torn apart.

Emily Ortiz, 11th