The Last Straw

Natasha Mozdzen

From the gorgeous visuals to the soothing sounds, our oceans please our senses in countless ways. They also provide us with great means of transportation, an impressive variety of ocean life and food sources and even raw materials for medical use. In exchange however, thanks to us, over 60 percent of the world’s coral reefs are threatened as a result of pollution, sedimentation and ocean acidification due to rising water temperatures caused by global warming.Coral reefs are bustling underwater cities that lie beneath tropical, sunlit waves. They are crucial in providing food, shelter and a stable environment for underwater organisms. The ocean’s beauty never fails to amaze us, but recently, we have failed it. In regards to giving back to our beautiful oceans and the fascinating organisms within them, there are simple tasks a person can do to help marine life flourish. Whether it’s a beach cleanup, or even giving up straws, we can all give back to Mother Nature, even if it be one straw at a time.