UCF Homecoming Weekend


Carrie Wadzinski

Attending UCF’s homecoming basketball game, seniors Randy Slomin, Vinny Guglietta, Shaun Wilson, and Lindsay Gorham encounter the Knights’ mascot.

As a part of a cheer tradition, cheer coach Carrie Wadzinski took West Shore’s senior cheerleaders on a field trip to UCF for homecoming weekend.

Randy Slomin, Vinny Guglietta, Shaun Wilson, and Lindsay Gorham attended the spirit splash and two sports games: the homecoming football and basketball games on November 8.

“My favorite part was spirit splash,” Gorham said. “It was really cool to go to a college pep rally and see how the students are actually excited to go to their school.”

 The game had the Knights facing off against the Houston Cougars, with a final score of 19-14 in favor of the knights.

“There was this wave that went around the whole entire stadium,” Slomin said. “It was amazing to watch the amount of spirit that the college had compared to what we have back at West Shore. Everyone is so much more involved and there is a lot more participation.”

Wilson loved getting involved at the basketball game.

“Vinny and I were dancing to the wop and we got on the Jumbotron for the whole audience to see,” he said.