Look beyond the stress moment

As we approach the time of midterms, I feel as though an immeasurable amount of fallacies has entered each one (or at the very least, most of) our individual minds. We all berate ourselves with feelings of inadequacy. Whatever score we achieve on the exam for, this specific class, or maybe all seven of our classes, will be subpar to what is necessary for our own success.

For seniors, this is rapidly approaching the time of deadlines for college apps, and that in itself can feel more excruciating then any exam ever was. People are under the influence that whatever they say, do or attempt is not enough to get them in the position they want to be in. No matter how hard they work, their fate is already sealed, and they’re already doomed to fail or not gain acceptance. This ideology has to be defeated. As students who desire a successful future, whether we know what individual paths we are taking or not, we need to collectively realize that everything is going to be all right. No matter what happens regarding academic or self evaluation, we each will find a way in our own direction. We have to remember that this is merely the moment and it is not eternal. Even if the effects of the moment feel eternal, we will carry on. Even if we feel we are making a mistake, or have a sum of mistakes that will affect the rest of our lives, as long as we all proceed and persevere, there will be a way, no matter any quantity of doubt in our minds.

Feelings are only feelings and they are not always reality. As a student body, if we remain confident and optimistic, during these times of uncertainty, then things are going to turn out just fine for each of us.

By Jerry Sola, 11th