Senior Follies buyout set for Friday

The Senior Follies buyout is back and will be held Friday during a specially scheduled home room session. The buyout will be a preview for a longer Senior Follies presentation to be held at 6 p.m. in the gym. The annual event allows faculty members and seniors to parody one another in skits as a Senior Class fund-raiser.

A few years ago, the district ruled that there would be no more buyouts in all Brevard County schools.

Assistant Principal of Facilities Robert Farrell said the issue kept coming up to Superintendent Dr. Brian Binggeli, so it was reviewed.

“They looked at it, and now they allow us to have one buyout per semester,” he said. “Last semester, we had the senior/junior volleyball game.”

Senior Shelby Warnock said she likes buyouts.

“It gives everybody in the school a chance to see the event without having to come after school,” she said.

Farrell said  buyouts are important not only because they are fund-raisers, but also because they bring the school together.

“It’s something that’s unique to West Shore,” he said. “What other school do you get the opportunity to poke fun at your teachers and administrators and vice versa?”