Cell-phone rule change draws mixed reaction


Ben Nielsen

Freshman Reilly Afflerback takes advantage of newly relaxed cell phone policy during a recent Power Hour.

Students have been getting used to the newly lifted ban on using cell phones during Power Hour.  For the past nine weeks, the administration has allowed students to use cell phones during lunch, a first for the school.

“It’s made Power Hour less boring,” freshman Dylan Bissessarsingh said. “[It] gives me something to do other than homework and eating.”

Bissessarsingh added that the rule change has helped him academically.

“It’s made doing assignments easier,” Bissessarsingh said. “I don’t have to waste time standing in line to get into the media center.”
But freshman Albert Pont said some students are not using the new rule responsibly.

“My problem with it is that most students are just using it as an opportunity to check their social media,” Pont said, “and do other things they were not intended to use this time for.”

Pont also said he doesn’t see any benefit to changing the rules.

“No matter what changes are made, the students who need it are going to suffer, and the ones who use it irresponsibly are going to thrive,” Pont said. “Changing the rules will hurt both sides no matter what.”

By Ben Nielsen