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Sami Ramadan

Sami Ramadan, Graphic Design Editor

This is my second year writing for the Roar. I am a senior with 5+ years of  Digital/Graphic Design experience and this is my first year as Graphic Design Editor. I enjoy covering investigative stories and opinion pieces on topics I'm passionate about, as well as designing the covers and infographics for the Roar.

I was born and raised in Florida. I enjoy fishing, kayaking, swimming, and spending time with my family. On weekends, I spend most of my time on my studies and school work and I'm currently interested in learning Italian and Arabic.

I have attended West Shore since 7th grade. I was a captain of the swim team last year and have been swimming since 8th grade. After highschool, I plan on going into the medical field and have considered becoming an anesthesiologist.

"Democracies die behind closed doors." - Damon Keith


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