School adds more surveillance cameras


Sami Ramadan, Graphic Design Editor

If you feel like someone is watching you, maybe it’s because they are. Since the extended spring break, more security measures have been installed on campus. Some of these measures include 30 to 60 new cameras being deployed throughout the school, the majority of them  on the school’s exterior. 

Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said the cameras are there to “protect life and property,” and do not relate to Covid-19, but could see them being helpful as a tool for contact tracing if needed. 

The funding for these cameras came from the half-cent sales tax that is set to expire this December. Halbeur said the project was a mandated by the state.

“The district has been increasing security measures over the past three to five years and plans to add more security measures, should the sales surtax be approved in the November election,” Halbeur said. 

Out of a concern for security, Halbuer said she was unable to disclose any additional measures.