Ainbinder will miss first two weeks of soccer season


Madison Ainbinder

Varsity senors Brooke Rentschler, Anna Becker, Palma Russo, Kira Anzalone, Ella McMullin, Madison Ainbinder and Caitlin Topp.

Senior forward Madison Ainbinder has been quarantined from school due to exposure of COVID from family friends, resulting in her having to quarantine from soccer for the next two weeks.

“Missing games is obviously super-disappointing,” Ainbinder said. “Especially because it’s my senior year.”

This player’s quarantine will not force the rest of the girls’ soccer team to quarantine as well.

“I happened to have physical therapy last Friday,” said Ainbinder, who missed most of last season with a torn ACL. “So I was not at practice which meant none of them were exposed to me for a few days before I had symptoms.”

Although the team will still be able to continue its season, the games to come may be significantly impacted without their starting senior attacker.

“She is a big part of our team,” freshman varsity player Kate Burgess said. “It will probably hurt us for the first two weeks of the season.”

Sophomore starting goalkeeper Lauren Mannix said the younger players will play a key role in determining success for the following games.

“Madison is without a doubt a huge part of our team on and off the field,” Mannix said. “We have not played a game without her, so our younger players will have to step up to help the team.”

Ainbinder’s positive COVID test will also impact the schedule.

“The thing I was most upset about is our Senior Night was supposed to be the 16th, but we are now having to move to a different date,” Ainbinder said.

By Mateo Villanueva