BPS closed due to Hurricane Irma


Wikimedia Commons

Hurricane Irma is set to affect Florida early next week.

Alexa Carlos Tamez, Editor in chief

As Texas deals with the effects of one catastrophic hurricane, Florida braces for another. Hurricane Irma, who has sustained category 5 winds, has already hit the Virgin Islands and is headed for Puerto Rico, the southeastern Bahamas, and soon after, the southeastern United States. Because of this, Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in Florida and the Brevard School District has cancelled school until further notice. 

“It make sure sense that school is getting cancelled,” sophomore Tyanna Tizol said. “Plenty of people are planning to evacuate and there are also people who need to prepare if they’re staying. As of right now I’m staying but if it’s stated that we have to evacuate then I would leave, I just don’t know where we would go.”

All school activities are also being cancelled until further notice, but as of right now, there is no word on the cancellation of national tests like the ACT. 

“Having the ACT being cancelled because of the hurricane isn’t really a big deal for me right now,” senior Angelina Grosso said. “I don’t mind it unless they schedule it the same weekend as homecoming or when we paint our parking spots.” 

As hurricane preparation begins, it is still business as usual at some locations. 

“I was scheduled to work Friday and Saturday night,” senior Lucia Carcieri said. “But they’re saying all of Florida is going to be affected so we’re probably evacuating.”