Final feast: Harry Potter Club winds down


Jadyn Milo

Joey Garcia (12) sits down to enjoy his food during the Harry Potter club’s last meeting. Club president Dana Zschau (10) and sponsor Tamara Reis provided the mash potatoes, toppings, and fried chicken, in addition to cookies, brownies, and cupcakes.

Senior Riley Harper walked into Tamara Reis’s classroom, for her last Harry Potter club meeting recently.

Club president sophomore Dana Zscau hosted an end of the year feast for the final meeting. Zschau, vice president junior Natalie Garden, and club sponsor Tamara Reis brought in mashed potatoes, with a choice of bacon, cheese, sour cream or scallion toppings, fried chicken, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and homemade pumpkin juice.

“ I loved the feast,” Harper said. “[Zschau] always does so much for the club and all the food she made was delicious! The brownies and mashed potatoes were amazing.”

Club member sophomore Rosalina Rodriguez agreed.

“I thought the feast was wonderful, especially with the drink [Zschau] made,” Rodriguez said. “The food was awesome and delicious, as is always with the food at the Harry Potter club.”

Throughout the year, Zschau provided snacks at every meeting.

“The food was amazing all year,” Harper said. “[Zschau] made butterbeer, cupcakes and chicken pot pies, and tons of other creative things! She’s incredible and every member of the club really appreciates all her hard work.”

Zschau said she is dedicated to the club.

“I make sure that every meeting has fun and interactive activities or crafts to do,” Zschau said. “I take great pride in making everyone happy. I make sure to accommodate people who have allergies to certain foods and make special foods to put on the side for them. I also take a lot of time planning and gathering the supplies for each and every meeting.”

Zschau’s dedication to the club created an unforgettable experience for members.

“The experience overall was awesome,” Rodriguez said. “[Zschau’s] perseverance and dedication always inspire a unique sort of love for Harry Potter. The club overall was super fun, always a relaxing and filling experience.”

Harper said she always looked forward to each meeting during her senior year.

“Going to the Harry Potter club during my senior year was one of my best decisions,“ Harper said. “It was such a nice break from all the craziness and it was really amazing just eating great food and being with my friends. The Harry Potter club has a really nice atmosphere because we all are united by our love for Harry Potter.” 

By Jadyn Milo