Chorus to start Winter Break at Disney

Briana Sandoval , Staff Writer

Members of the school choir will once again be displaying their Christmas spirit through song. This Saturday, Chamber Chorus will be traveling to Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort on Saturday to sing a set of carols in the hotel’s lobby.

Junior member Emily Browne said she is looking forward to the bonding that comes with performing.

“I really enjoy going out to dinner before our performance at the resort because spending time with all of my friends in chorus is always a blast,” Browne said. “We are also going to be carpooling to the hotel beforehand, so I’m anticipating hanging with them then.”

Chorus teacher Amy Davis said her students are well-prepared for their upcoming performance.

“A ton of work has been put into this event,” she said. “Some of the carols included three to four different parts which made it challenging for the students, but everyone watching them will be able to hear music from all over the world and expect overall awesomeness.”

Davis also said her students are confident.

“The students have been doing a really great job with their music,” she said. “They are now going to the next level of taking their performances emotionally and including good facial effects. I’m excited to see the group as a whole making their listeners happy, and I know that they enjoy their audiences reactions too.

Senior Joy Oni said she is passionate about showing the audience the outcome of their hard work.

“Although this is my first time resort caroling, I’m super-thrilled to have a chance to perform at Disney again with my chorus family since Candlelight, and present the music that we have been putting a lot of time and effort into. I know that when we perform, they will sound wonderful,” Oni said.

Oni added that being a senior makes her cherish each performance more.

“Even though the resort caroling was required I would have been delighted to do it regardless,” Oni said. “Being a senior makes everything more special. We get to do all of these really exciting activities, but it’s the last time we will ever get to do them with the people we’ve grown to love over the years. Having another opportunity to sing with them is so wonderful when it is shared with so many people that are important to me.”