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The money fight

Shawn Humphrey II, Staff Writer

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Thousands packed the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, while millions more tuned in last Saturday to watch Floyd Mayweather, one of the most decorated boxers in the history of the sport, box Conor McGregor, a mixed martial arts champion in two weight classes. Though many expected a swift victory for Mayweather, McGregor held his own, even winning the first few rounds before the referee called the match in the 10th round. West Shore students who tuned in were not disappointed, though they were critical of the hype surrounding the bout.

“I was entertained,” sophomore Josh Freeman said. “It was a little underwhelming because they hyped it up so much, but I enjoyed it.”

Others, however, were more apathetic towards the bout.

“I don’t like either of them,” junior Minaal Murshid said. “I didn’t want to pay for the fight. I also already knew who was going to win.”

Floyd Mayweather will finish his career with a record of 50-0, while McGregor will return to mixed martial arts to defend his lightweight title.


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The money fight