‘Cats pounce on Indians

David Thompson and Ben Lack

Boys’ soccer shut-out Edgewood Wednesday night, 3-0.  Juniors Nick Burgess and Nick Pekmezian, and sophomore Abe Murphy all put one in the back of the net.

“We were moving really well,” Murphy said. “Nick Pekmezian got the ball and then he cut in and two kids fouled him, then he got a penalty and Nick Burgess scored that. Ten or fifteen minutes later we got a free kick after Robert [Madden] got fouled. Burgess crossed it in and then Brandon [Sepulveda] hit it out to me then I fake shot with my left foot and then went around the player and placed it in corner. In the second half, Nick Pekmezian scored and I assisted him.”

The team next plays Monday against Palm bay at Southwest park. They look to improve upon their undefeated, 2-0 record.