Volunteer students help algebra students improve

Susan Orton teaches Algebra 1 and 2 honors and holds a tutoring program for her students in her room during Power Hour.

“Any student who fills out the tutor request form can be tutored,” Freshman Emily Marshall said.

The tutors are Orton’s current and past students .

“Based on test scores and class participation, Ms. Orton pulled over a few students, including me, and asked us if we’re interested in tutoring,” freshman Elena Konicki said. 

Student tutors can work with as many students as they can handle. Marshall tutors four, so she spends countless Power Hours helping out. 

“I truly enjoy it and like the fact that I can help someone else understand math,” she said. 

Konicki said she thinks that the tutoring system is beneficial.

“Students searching for extra help can get one-on-one with a more experienced student,” she said. “I plan on continuing to tutor in my next years at West Shore in order to help students and secure some volunteer hours.”

By Zainab Hussain