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Press box preparation begins

Catherine Halbuer
This construction plan for the press box project lays out the future locations of the new concrete pads, bleachers and press box.

Preparation for the school’s press box has begun, as there has been progress in electrical work and concrete pouring. 

According to Assistant Principal for Facilities Catherine Halbuer, the electrical rough-in, or the phase in which wiring is installed but is not connected to main panel, was completed two weeks ago.

“[The workers] did the rough-ins first because a lot of it goes under the concrete,” Halbuer said. “Then, after the concrete is poured, the workers do some site grading and we wait for the prefabricated press box to be shipped. When it arrives on site and they install it, then they’ll do the final electrical hookups.”

Halbuer said the concrete pouring was originally scheduled for April 25 but was rescheduled to May 2 due to Senior Boards.

“The concrete will take some time to cure, and naturally it has to be broom finished and edged properly,” Principal Rick Fleming said. “It should be cured overnight. Usually they want 24 to 48 hours before we proceed with anything else, and then we will discuss a plan for moving the bleachers over [from the fields] and placing them on the new pads [after the press box is installed].”

Halbuer said the press box is due to arrive in July. 

Fleming explained the electrical process following the installation of the press box. 

“They’ll have trenched underneath the concrete slab and put up [conduits, or tubes to protect and route electrical wiring], so when they pour the concrete over it and construct the press box, they can use those holes to pull the wire through and put junction boxes in there,” Fleming said. “The process may take a week or two.” 

Fleming said he’s looking forward to developments on the project.

“I think having the additional seating will be good for our fanbase [at] games and will assist with some of the enrichment things that we do [such as] Wildcat Challenge, and so I’m excited for when it happens,” Fleming said.


By Kristen Ye

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