Snow attracts families during Winter Break


Freshman Grace Murphy, the youngest of seven kids, and her family plan to travel to Eden, Utah during Winter Break.

“My whole family of nine and my nieces, nephews, brothers-in-law, and my sister-in-law are all coming,” Murphy said. “So that all adds up to eighteen people.”

Murphy said she likes the chaos and is looking forward to it.

“There is always something to do,” she said.

Murphy, along with her older brother, Aaron Murphy, will meet their baby nephew for the first time.

“I am very excited,” she said. “My family has not all been together in a year.”

Murphy’s family will stay in a rental house and then ski or snowboard on Powder Mountain. “I am going to snowboard,” she said. “I have never done that before.”

They all will fly into Utah on the same day and stay until Christmas.

Freshman Lily Repperger also plans to go on a trip to the snowy mountains during Winter Break.

“I am really looking forward to going skiing again,” Repperger said. “It is something my family really enjoys doing.”

The Reppergers will travel to Big Sky, Montana a couple days after Christmas and stay until New Years.

“We used to go to Big Sky to ski before COVID hit,” she said. “So, this is our first year going back since.”

Repperger said she is nervous about flying because she has not traveled by plane since 2019. But she is excited for the place she gets to stay at with her family.

“It is very convenient because it is right next to the ski lifts,” she said. “It has a big pool and a hot tub, so it’s really fun.”

Repperger also looks forward to some cooler weather.

“I like Florida as my home,” she said. “But I love visiting places that are cold.”

By Violet Castillo