Purrfections to perform at Saturday’s UCF football game


Coach Stephanie Shaw

The Varsity dance team at UCF dance camp

The Purrfections dance team is scheduled to perform at FBC Mortgage Stadium on the campus of the University of Central Florida as the No. 19-ranked Golden Knights take on Navy with kickoff scheduled for 11 a.m. The stadium seats 45,301.

“I’m very excited to go,” freshman Alador Pearson said. “I think it’s going to be a very cool experience.”

The Purrfections got this opportunity through an overnight dance camp at UCF where they performed three dances last summer. Now Purrfections are preparing to return for another performance during halftime in front of a bigger audience.

“The stadium seats several thousand people and I’m always scared about performances,” sophomore Allie Ward said. “But, there’s going to be several other dance teams so it won’t be a big deal if I mess up once or twice.”

The team has been practicing for the performance for nearly two weeks.

“On [Nov. 3] we started learning the dance with our poms, so I believe we will be ready to perform by Nov. 19,” freshman Ava Renee said.

Before COVID-19, the team had a similar experience at the University of Florida. Since then, they haven’t performed at another college football game.

“I’m a little nervous based on the size of the crowd and that feature dancers like me and my teammates in the past have been broadcast on live TV,” Renee said. “But I’m really confident in my team and our skills, so I know we’re going to do great.”

By Nadine Swartz