New license plate to fund Indian River Lagoon


BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – The Indian River Lagoon has been a habitat for thousands of plant and animal species. Although pollution and bacteria have constantly attacked the environment, the community is fighting back by raising funds and awareness.

On Oct. 20, The Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program announced the redesign of its charity license plate, which previously generated millions of dollars for the lagoon, aiding the community in its conservation efforts.

Graphic artist and teacher James Finch has designed a charity license plate before.

“It raised about five or six million [dollars] last time I looked at it — maybe more,” he said. “I could never write a check for it, but I was able to donate artwork that raised awareness and let me be an advocate for our lagoon.”

This money will support habitat restoration and environmental education projects focusing on the lagoon. With this, they should have the upper hand in restoring the lagoon to its natural beauty. 

“I’ve been able to be an advocate for that by giving our work that’s raised awareness and brought some joy to people in the meantime,” Finch said. “But art can be an advocate. Art has a voice.”

By Caleb Angy