Dance Mania dance with friends

Members of Dance Mania are getting ready for “Bring a Friend Week.” Freshman Danni Gelin talks about how the event normally goes down at their studio.

“Basically next week is where we wear green for ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ and we have ‘Bring a Friend Week,'” Gelin said. “So basically the Dance Mania Dancers bring friends, whether they’re from another studios or just school friends. It’s like best if you have prior dance experience. So you basically go to our practices and basically do like across the floor, you do a combo, you do a lot of technique. Then you leave, and you don’t stay our entire practice because it’s a lot for three hours. You leave like the last hour. You allow the dancers who are on ‘Dance Mania’ to practice our competition routines because we do have a competition coming up.

Junior Macie Goldfarb explains “Bring a Friend Week.”

“You’re allowed to take free studio classes which means you go to all the classes whether it’s from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and you don’t have to pay for it,” Goldfarb said. “All you have to do is bring in your slip that your friend gives you saying that your allowed to go to the classes and that’s pretty much it. ”

By Ava Bussey