Slippery When Wet: Track meet canceled due to inclement weather

    Sophomore Diego Pireto and junior Alden Dias competed in the Viera High School Track and Field Invitational at Viera High School on Feb. 23. The meet was the first of the season.

    “I feel like we did pretty good at our first meet of the year,” Pireto said. “We have a lot of people trying new things, so I feel like we did really well.”

    However, the meet was canceled around 9 p.m. due to bad weather.

    “I was really mad and upset about it, and I had been waiting over 6 hours,” Dias said. “When I was about to run, it started downpouring, so it just really annoyed me that I didn’t get to run.”

    The next meet will be the Reggie Johnson Memorial Classic on March 1 at Satellite High School at 3 p.m.

    “As a whole, we did very well for the first meet,” Dias said. “Everyone placed well and got good times for what they ran, and that will hopefully continue throughout the season and into our next meet.”


    By Joe Matella