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AP Microeconomics returning to roster for 2024-2025 school year

Subject 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Macroeconomics Total Exams Schoolwide 80 85 91 42 54
Macroeconomics Mean Score 2.08 2.24 1.87 1.76 2.43
Microeconomics Total Exams Schoolwide 31 20 10 26 25
Microeconomics Mean Score 2.19 3 2 1.85 2.48

Despite four students signing up for Advanced Placement Microeconomics course for the current school year, the course is set to be offered for the 2024-2025 academic year. Junior Anastasia was one of the students who had signed up for AP Microeconomics.

“I knew that a lot of people didn’t sign up for the class, but I still hoped it would be enough to get the class, because they had it last year,” she said.

In AP Microeconomics, students learn about topics such as international trade and the causes of inflation and unemployment.

“I’m definitely a bit jealous of the juniors who get to take it,” Wright said. “I knew that the class size was going to be small, but I was really looking forward to the class and I don’t have room in my schedule for senior year.”

Assistant Principal said offering AP Microeconomics will benefit students.

“It’s always been our hope by offering as many AP options as possible that students would be able to select,” Webb said. “Be purposeful in their course selections to build that college resume that we’re looking for.”

Assistant Principal Glenn Webb said AP Macroeconomics often attracts more interest due to it being viewed as the easier of the two AP economics courses. He said the uncertainty regarding who would have taught the class this year played into the low interest in the course.

“Not knowing who the teacher was going to be last year, especially, might have had some impact on the number of students who would go into the micro side of things,” Webb said.

AP Macroeconomics and AP Government teacher Austin Glezen will instruct the AP Microeconomics course next year. Glezen said the course has relevance to various career paths.

“AP Microeconomics is going to be better if you want to be an entrepreneur or if you’re going into medicine [or] psychology,” Glezen said.

Glezen said he has preference for microeconomics because he is interested in why people do what they do from an economic standpoint. Glezen has a bachelor’s degree in Economics, which he said could make it difficult for him to adjust to teaching an introductory economics course.

“If the scores are low this year, obviously I’m going to make adjustments,” Glezen said. “I know it usually takes teachers three years before they feel comfortable with where they’re at. But I think that all of the kids that I have are capable of passing.”



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