Competitions help ice skater see the world

Michelle Smith, a sophomore, not only is on the school dance team, but she also traveled to France last year with her competition ice-skating team.
THE ROAR: How long have you been skating?

SMITH: Since I was 3, but I have only been taking lessons since I was 9.

THE ROAR: How did you get started in skating?

SMITH: My mom did “learners’ skating” at the rink once a week. She had to take my brother and me since my dad was working. She put me in the class with her so I wouldn’t be just waiting the in the lobby.

THE ROAR: What was your favorite competition?

SMITH: When my team went to France. It was so unique and different. It was more interesting from other competitions because we saw teams from other countries.

THE ROAR: How did your team get to go to a competition in France?

SMITH: We competed in Chicago and won first place, which made us qualified to go. My coach decided we should go, since everyone was willing with the prices.

THE ROAR: What’s one of your favorite aspects of skating?

SMITH: I love learning new things. Once you finally accomplish something, its really cool to be able to say “ I can do that,”

THE ROAR:What’s one of your best memories of ice skating?

SMITH: At my first international competition in Massachusetts. It was the first international competition for not only me but my team. We were just in awe of everything. It was really fun to do everything as a team.

THE ROAR: What’s one of your worst memories?

SMITH: During my second year of skating, I was in “Marry Poppins” as Jane Banks. All I had to do was stop, but I completely wiped out.

THE ROAR: How is skating different from dance?

SMITH: Overall the movements are similar. You have to be flexible and fluid in your movements, which the same as dance for the most part. Skaters have to be very athletic because of the jumps and spins, though. But you can definitely tell if a skater has had any dance training.

THE ROAR: Who are your skating idols?

SMITH: Sasha Cohen. She is extremely flexible, and I grew up watching her. She is someone I look up to. Also Alissa Czishy, every time I watch her, her movements are so fluid. I would want to skate like her.

By: Jenna Winter