Senior stays focused on faith, studies

Senior stays focused on faith, studies

Graduating high school is a big deal; there are so many new adventures in store, but also so many things that will never happen again. Senior Lacey Howell is experiencing all of this madness, but manages to stay focused on school, family and God. “I have two brothers, one older and one younger; I’m the only girl and the middle child,” Howell said. “In all the madness of graduating I’m staying focused on family and friends, trying to keep myself from stressing out, and just having fun.” It is hard to have a clear head while huge changes are happening, but Howell seems confident everything will go right.

“I don’t know what college I am going to yet; that’s part of the madness, I am thinking about going to a really small private college in Rocky Mount, Virginia called Blue Ridge Bible College that I’ve already been accepted to,” Howell said. “I don’t know what I want to do yet for my major, but that’s all part of the fun, right?”

Howell is a non-denominational Christian, and she is passionate about her faith. It’s been a big part of her life and has shaped her to who she is today.

“I love God with all my heart,” she said, “and possibly going to a college where people share the same faith and passion about God is really exciting for me.”

Howell said she is excited about getting away from all the distraction and craziness of her life and just focusing on God and her future career, though she doesn’t know what that might be yet. She is not only excited about Bible College, but also about being on her own.

“I have never been away from my family for more than four days at a time; we are really close and I will miss them so much,” she said, “but even though I will miss them, I think it will be cool becoming an adult while still being a kid. When I go to college I won’t be near my parents so I’ll have some of the responsibility of an adult while still being able to not completely be grown up.”

While Howell is excited for her journey into the unknown, her parents are a little more apprehensive.

“I know Lacey will be fine,” Howell’s mother said, “but, of course, I have those parental nerves and jittery feelings. If she does decide to go to Blue Ridge Bible College she will be so far away and I will miss her so much, but I am also so proud of her for becoming such an incredible young woman.”

Though Howell still has much to work on, she is almost to the finish line and will graduate Friday.

“I know I will be ready to make a decision about school and what classes I will be taking when the time comes,” she said, “but for right now, the two most important things for me to do are enjoying myself and making memories.”

By Nora McSorley