NAHS drawing portraits for orphans

NAHS is trying to get students involved in the Memory Project, an organization that recruits anyone to help to paint portraits for orphans.

“They send you a photo of the child, and you create the picture, then you send it to them, and they give it to a child so that they have something ‘personal’ that they can take with them from their childhood” science teacher Gabi Powers said in an email to art teacher Annamarie Zink.

The portraits will be delivered to students in Honduras in June.

“Honduras was just given the unfortunate title of most dangerous country in the world,” founder and director Ben Schumaker said via email. “It’s all due to the drug trade and drug gangs that wreak havoc on the welfare of families and children.”

So far eight students have shown interest in the project, as well as Zink, who also intends to complete a portrait.

“I’m pretty excited to get started on it,”  junior Christy Hernandez said. “I’ve been getting told daily by teachers about how I need to stop doodling in class. It’s going to be good to actually have something to really draw.”

Money will need to be raised in order to fund the project.

“Each portrait requires a payment of $15 for delivery, so NAHS is going to have to fundraise quite a bit or seek a business to sponsor the effort,” Zink said.

Anyone interested in making a portrait or donating is encouraged to talk to Zink in her classroom 5-101 or email her at [email protected]

By Maegan Muir