Seventh-grader strives to bring gymnastics talent to 2016 Olympics

THE ROAR: How long have you been doing gymnastics?

SHAW: Twelve years, my mom put me into gymnastics when I was 14 months old and I’m 13 now.

THE ROAR: What is your favorite part of gymnastics?

SHAW: I love competing and showing off what I’ve been working on.

THE ROAR: What is your favorite competitive event?

SHAW: Floor routines are my favorite. They give me so much adrenaline, and I’m able

to really show off my skills.

THE ROAR: Have you ever gotten hurt doing


SHAW: I’ve never had

any major injuries, just little things like ankles and elbows. I’m very lucky.

THE ROAR: What are your future plans for gymnastics?

SHAW: I’m training for the 2016 Olympics. There is an Olympic trials competition you have to be hand selected for.

THE ROAR: Have you ever met any Olympians?

SHAW: I met Nastia Luikin — who competed in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing — at the Florida Mall. She was launching her own clothing line and was really cool.

THE ROAR: What is your favorite trick to do in floor routines?

SHAW: A full-twisting back layout.

THE ROAR: Who is your favorite gymnast?

SHAW: Shawn Johnson, because she’s really powerful and great at gymnastics.

THE ROAR: What is your most difficult event?

SHAW: Uneven bars, I’ve always struggled with swinging between them and the shift of movement.