Seventh-grader stars in TV commercial

It was simply luck.

“Michael’s agent contacted me on a Sunday morning and said they had a cancellation for an audition that afternoon.  I let her know that Michael could make it, he auditioned, and he got it,” said Kim Weatherby, Michael’s mother.

Michael had auditioned for other commercials before, including ones for Bright House and Disney, but had never gotten one.

“When I first heard that I had gotten the commercial I was really happy because it’s my first ever commercial,” the seventh-grader said.

“The agent called the next day and told me that out of the 10 kids that auditioned, Michael was number one on the list.  He was 90 percent booked, but she’d get back to me when he definitely had it,” Kim Weatherby said.

The commercial filmed in Orlando during early February.

“Filming was a very exciting day,” Kim Weatherby said. “Michael had a wardrobe trailer, assistants in charge of wardrobe and makeup, and there was probably 50 people running around to make sure this commercial was filmed properly.”

In the commercial, Michael plays a boy hosting a party in a swimming pool filled of Airheads Extremes.

“I got to sit in a chair all day and eat candy,” Michael said. “That was my favorite part of the shoot.”

The commercial began airing last Thursday.

“When I saw the finished product, I thought it was really funny,” Michael said.  “People keep on telling me its really great.  I can’t wait to do more commercials.”

“It was very exciting.  It was fun to see how thrilled Michael was to see it actually on the air,” Kim Weatherby said.  “And I may be biased, but I think it’s a really good commercial.”

The commercial can be viewed on YouTube and is airing on television channels nationwide.

By Sara-Renee Weatherby