MSSGA eyes early May for next dance

As the end of the third nine weeks approaches, the middle school Student Government Association is working toward finalizing plans for the next middle school dance. The goal is to have the dance in early May, with May 3 as the tentative date.

“Planning a dance is pretty stressful and very busy because it’s a lot of planning,” Vice President Kate B. said. “It’s the stress of ‘will they like it’?”

MSSGA is in charge of choosing a theme, managing costs and choosing the food, decorations and music. The theme has not yet been finalized, but the students are leaning towards an Egyptian theme with fog machines and cardboard pyramids as some of the brainstormed decorations. The other theme options are floral or galaxy. President Warrick F. receives input by allowing students to vote on social media their preferred theme option.

“If we can get the right theme I think can make it really good and people will have a lot of fun,” Kate B. said.

One change to the recent middle-school dances is the location. Instead of having it in the auditorium, cafeteria or gymnasium, the MSSGA hopes to have an off-campus location. Izzy P, the treasurer, has looked into the Wickham Park Community center as a possible site.

“We’re confident administration will be fine with the venue as long as there is volunteer supervision,” Secretary Nia S. said. “There were a lot of students that said that if the dance was in the auditorium, they wouldn’t go.”

Along with getting input before the dances, the MSSGA also asks for feedback after their dances. They were told that students did not like the auditorium because it was too cold and because students were only allowed to eat in the lobby.

“If we had the dance out of school, we could eat while listening to music and talking to friends who weren’t eating,” Nia S. said.

Another change to the fall dance will be the choice of DJ. The MSSGA was getting complaints from students who said that the DJ did not take any of their song requests, and to accommodate, a different DJ will be hired.

“I think the planning itself is really fun, and it’s awesome to have a say in things for the dance,” Kate B. said. “I am really excited for the dance and also to see what people think about it.”

By Delaney Gunnell

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.