Macom takes third-place medal in art show


Award-winning digital artwork by Channen Macom

To prepare for the School Board Art Show, freshman Channon Macom worked tirelessly to finish her digital masterpiece, even working almost eight hours in a single day. Macom entered her piece into the SBAS art show and won a third-place medal.

Macom’s passion for the arts began when she was young and has developed throughout her life.

“I’ve been drawing since preschool,” Macom said. “I continue to do it because in a way it’s relaxing and relieves stress. It allows me to be creative and express my thoughts.”

When Macom enrolled in digital arts, her teacher, Jim Finch, recalls that she came across as highly creative, curious and energetic.

Channen is a very creative young lady,” Finch said. “You have to show and take full advantage of exhibitions and competitions to grow as an artist. For me as their teacher, you win every time you enter a show and see how the audience and judges respond to your art. Seeing art — lots of art — grows the artist’s aesthetic sensibilities. Critical analysis of art is essential along with art making to develop artistic talent. She wanted to create something new and different that reflected her current creative state. That’s one of the things that make her shine both as a person and artist and a joy to teach.”

Along with digital art, Macom said she enjoys other forms of art.

I like to draw digitally, but I also like to sew and make costume pieces,” Macom said.

Finch encourages his students to attend art shows to “showcase their talents.”

We are creating a wide range of design projects all year long,” Finch said. “These projects help my students gain mastery of the applications while they develop a deeper understanding of the principles and elements of design and artistic skills. Channen is a remarkable young lady.”

Macom said her success in the competition was due, in part, to Finch.

“Mr. Finch has helped me hone the skills I’ve already had, as well as teach me new ones,” Macom said.”

By Roxy Underwood