Boyer builds electric guitar for Senior Project

Senior Joshua Boyer took on the challenge to make an electric guitar for his Senior Project. He is a member of West Shore’s Jazz Band and Chamber Orchestra, playing bass.

“I have taken an interest in possibly doing something along the lines of being a luthier,” he said

A luthier is a maker of stringed instruments such as violins or guitars. Boyer built his guitar from a kit.

“I learned a lot of patience and diligence,” he said. “Fortunately, I didn’t face any major problems.”

Boyer plans on continuing to play the guitar for fun.

“It might make its official debut at the class graduation during the class song,” he said.

Boyer will continue to pursue a future in music. He has been accepted to University of Tennessee and University of South Florida.

“I’m not sure which college I’m doing to attend, but I plan to major in jazz bass,” he said.

Boyer plays guitar, bass guitar and upright bass.

“The guitar has a lot more to do than the bass when it comes to the melody of the song,” he said. “But the bass lays down the groove for a lot of things.”

Boyer said his favorite song to play is “I Feel Good” by James Brown.

“It’s funky,” he said. “It’s got that good groove you can play on bass. You can feel it moving.”

By Haley Alvarez-Lauto