‘Apex Legends’ climbs battle royale food chain

Apex Legends” by Respawn Entertainment enters the battle royale market on EA’s online Origin store. “Apex Legends” is a first-person shooter style game.

“Apex Legends is one of my favorite games,” junior Derrik Wilbourne said. “I’m hooked on it recently and by far it’s the best battle royal game in my opinion.”

The game is free to play but is only available on computer through Origin and not other computer game distributors such as Steam or Epic Games Store.

“ I think it’s fine that it’s only on Origin,” Wilbourne said. “It’s not a great platform but it’s doable and not terrible so I’m not mad that it’s only on Origin. It’s not like it’s PC exclusive either, so it’s not like Respawn sold out or anything.”

“Apex Legends” has a cast of eight characters to choose from, each with their own unique ability.

“I think the inclusion of different types of characters makes it stand out because all the other battle royale games are just playing as a set character that has nothing special about them. The only way you can win is by switching up your strategy. In Apex, you can choose different characters who have different active and passive abilities and so it creates a new extra layer of strategy that — depending on who you play — can make you play better or worse or differently.”

Respawn Entertainment has already planned out what it is going to add to “Apex Legends” this year showing that the game has a future.

“I think it’s really good and has the possibility to be more fun than other battle royales,” Lawson said. “The unique aspects of “Apex Legends” gives it that extra edge and I think that it will be successful in the coming months.”

By Carlos Zelaya