Yearbook finishes one deadline, moves on to another

Fresh off their latest deadline, the yearbook staff is already gearing up to chase after a new one.

“Our next deadline is on January 28,” senior Molly Luu, the yearbook co-editor in chief said. “We have 46 pages due.”

The 46 pages in question consist of chronologicals and some senior ads. The yearbook staff doesn’t have to worry about general ads for this deadline as last semester was when they got most of the ads completed.

“Ads are basically done. We’ve sent all the ads out,” Luu said.

This alleviates some of the pressure off the staff. Senior Dhanvi Patel, a member of the advertising staff, said the attitude towards the deadlines is now way more laid back.

“Last semester was super stressful,” Patel said. “But now we only have a few more spreads left and I don’t feel as stressed as I did. I should feel stressed, but I don’t. It’s only because we only have two or three more spreads to finish. And it’s not 40, like last time.”

Patel admitted that making deadlines wasn’t easy. She said she didn’t anticipate how hard it would be though.

“I remember the first deadline, Molly was like ‘We have 23 spreads due,’ and I was like ‘Oh, that’s so easy,’” Patel said. “It wasn’t. It really wasn’t. I took it for granted when I said ‘It’s so easy.’”

Despite the little respite they had between their last deadline and the start of work for their next one, the staff is continuing at a steady pace, each step they take brings them closer to a finished yearbook.

By Surina Venkat