Turkey Trot seeks student volunteers


The annual Turkey Trot held on Front Street on Thanksgiving Day and sponsored by Running Zone, is fast approaching, but volunteers are needed.

“This Turkey Trot, it counts towards kids’ volunteer hours,” PTA Secretary Janet Thibault said. “Kids need hours, and the Trot needs volunteers. Some people have multiple kids, needing multiple hours, this will help out immensely to those who need it.”

In addition to holding the Trot, Running Zone is bringing along a truck were participants and onlookers can donate footwear to the school’s sneaker drive that recycles shoes for use among the poorer populations.

“Running Zone has access to people who go through lots of sneakers, more than the school does,” Thibault said. “And, well, the drive doesn’t seem to be taking off as well as it should be. I’d like to see it do well, but it isn’t quite doing it — at least, not yet.”

The PTA is also funding several projects and groups along campus, such as the Whirly Girls drone team, which lost a sponsor,  Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer, for chairs for the computer lab, parking lot re-striping, prizes for Reading Counts members, and $1,000 for Project Graduation.

“They need the help, so we’re here to help them,” Thibault said. “There are non profit organizations, case in point, us. We did the Bling thing, got $12,000, and now we use it to help others.”

By David Estevez