Trump rally to be held in Florida on Tuesday

The White House has announced that President Donald Trump  will be holding a political rally in South Florida on Thanksgiving.

The rally will be held Tuesday in the BB&T Center in Sunrise in Broward County where the president has spent every year of Thanksgiving during his time in office. This will also be his new home, as he has filed to become a Florida resident last month, and is now a Florida voter. During the rally, he will be drumming up support for his re-election campaign.

Joshua V. (7), said the rally will help President Trump get more news coverage.

“I think its good, to hopefully get more votes,” he said. “Everybody loves a Trump rally. It’ll help get him more TV coverage, news coverage.”

US Civics/World History teacher Anthony Raehab said the rally likely will help with Trump’s re-election campaign.

“He’s going to motivate his base which is probably the turning point in the 2020 re-election”

By David Tran