Texas Roadhouse moves down the road

The Texas Roadhouse chain recently decided to relocate it’s Eau Gallie restaurant to Ocean Springs Plaza which also houses Walmart and Winn-Dixie. The beachside location is 7,798 square feet, has a 300 seat threshold and employs 120 people.

Freshman Jesse Bratman said the new location is better because it’s bigger.

“Because of its size, it can hold more people and employ more workers,” Bratman said.

Freshman Dylan Maxik said that although the new location is nicer, he doesn’t notice improvements.

“It is in a better location that attracts more people,” Maxik said. “Although, I don’t see much improvement in the service, so I don’t see it as a better or worse situation for business or its customers.”

Due to its location, the Texas Roadhouse will be more easily available to more customers.

“I think that being in a large plaza that already attracts such a large number of people will positively affect Texas Roadhouse and the local economy around it,” Maxik said.

By Luca Sullivan