Students gear up for final exams

As final exams are drawing closer and closer many students such as sophomore Jacob Klenotich are starting to feel the pressure. Final exams account for 20 percent of final grades in most classes and sometimes can either make or break a student’s grade.

“I have already taken my U.S. History exam and FSA Reading, but I still have all my other classes,” Klenotich said. “Studying for all the exams and worrying about doing well definitely start to have a toll on me and can cause stress, but I think I’ll do good.”

Sophomore Dwight Bygrave isn’t as worried about exams and believes he is ready for all of his tests and projects.

“I’ve been taking final exams all my school life and this year won’t be very different,” Bygrave said. “I feel my teachers have prepared me very well, and I think I will do good. I don’t plan on doing too much studying, but I probably will go back over a few things from the beginning of the year.”

The final exam schedule for underclassmen is as follows:

Friday, seventh period; May 21, fifth and sixth; May 22, third and fourth; and May 23 first and second. 

By Cooper Stein